wrapping things up

Hurrah I have my North Sea Shawl finished. Well, I say ‘finished’ …. I’ve added a load more repeats than the pattern calls for and it still seems a bit short for me, but I kind of got sick of knitting it and keen keen keen to wear it (particularly to get it finished in time for our holiday at the weekend) so I’ve decided to see if it will grow in the blocking. Here is the unblocked version just before dunking it in the bath this morning …
pre-blocking shawl
I’ve only used this yarn for socks before (VG Supersock, it’s my favourite sock yarn) so I don’t know how it’s going to behave as lace. Yes I know that’s what tension squares are for but I prefers the joy of discovery (also I have resigned myself to the possibility of having to undo the grafting and knit more of the centre panel if it still too short after blocking, so I’m not calling this a FO yet …)

In other news, the Picture Editor of the Times has come back from his holidays and sorted everything out; they have taken down the picture from their site and agreed to pay me (well, MSF) for the use. So everything sorted I thought, until he mentioned in passing that The Sun used the picture too (presumably in their print edition, can’t see it on line). Gah. More emails to write (but hopefully more money for MSF).


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