Gruaniad 1, Murdoch 0

Two days after I contacted them, I’ve had nobbut an automated response from The Times. The Guardian however has been as lovely as a well-meaning Guardian reader like myself could hope. Prompt reply, apology and donation to MSF Burma Cyclone Appeal (in lieu of fee). ‘Doctors without Borders‘ is a charity of choice for Dr Who fans, natch. Likewise for knitters.
Knitters without Borders
And fingers crossed, from this tv interview it’s looking possible that the BBC may let Mazzmatazz’s Adipose pattern see the light of day again one day.


3 responses to “Gruaniad 1, Murdoch 0

  1. You keep after the Times.
    I hate finding photos used without permission – although I’ve never had then nicked for a National!
    Shames on them!

    Great pattern as well – so cute!

  2. I have roused someone at the Times to respond to my email so hopefully it will get sorted soonish.

  3. Hurrah! What a good response from the Guardian. ~x~

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