et tu, Gruaniad?

So I went along to our local cafe for knitting group tonight. I was the first there so I was sitting there have a drink and finishing my socks and reading the paper. I opened the Guardian’s G2 section and WTF? There’s my adipose photo.  Again used for commercial purposes without my permission and without acknowledgement.  You’d think picture eds and subs on national newspapers would know better than to use random pictures they find on t’interweb without contacting the photographer first.  Bah bah bah.  I’ve emailed but I’m not expecting a reply, I think this might be a snail mail job.

Anyways knitting group was good, three new people came along, with varying levels of experience.  And between showing people how to do things, I managed to finish the surprise stripes socks yay.  Did the grafting when I got home, they’re in the sink now.


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