Rupert Murdoch stole my adipose

This adipose pattern business has gone bat-shit crazy. Because some feckers were trying to make a profit off of Mazzmatazz’s original (entirely free, non-commercial and brilliant) knitting pattern, the BBC told her to take it down. Since when there has been a wave of Whovian Knitter Activism, the Open Rights Group has taken up the issue, much publicity has been generated and the story has made the national newspapers.

National newspapers including The Times.
times adipose story
That’s my photo of my crocheted adipose they’ve used to illustrate their story. Without attribution and without my permission. It’s not even a photo of Mazz’s knitted adipose (they’ve cropped my picture and used the wrong bit).

I’m in favour of information and pictures being freely used and shared on a NON-COMMERCIAL basis, with credit to the original creator. That’s why I’m cross the BBC have stopped Mazzmatazz sharing her patterns (and have emailed to tell them so). That’s why I publish my stuff with a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 licence, more to make a statement about free use than because I thought anyone would actually want to use my bobbins content.

And that’s why I don’t want The Times to use my photo, and they have breached my copyright. For one they haven’t credited me. For two, this is clrealy not non-commercial useage. News International is a large for-profit commercial company, they publish their newspapers and websites for commercial purposes and so are using my photo for commercial purposes. They are not in favour of free use of their content, going so far as to disable right-click is disabled on some of their sites.

And for three, I am enough of a child of the 80s that my opinion of Rupert Murdoch and all his works is forever coloured by the Wapping dispute. Like I tell cold callers who ring and try to persuade me to buy The Times or get Sky TV, I haven’t bought the Murdoch press since 1986. And I’m not letting them use my photos either.


3 responses to “Rupert Murdoch stole my adipose

  1. hear, hear. I was reading yarnharlot back catalogue when I realised that the headline on the telly was “Dr Who Knitting Row” and I thought I’d fallen asleep.
    You have to think the person who complained about the quality of the FO’s doesn’t get out nearly enough.

  2. I hate to think this but maybe this can have a positive impact. Maybe the BBC can go after the newspapers who are, after all, technically also in violation of THEIR copyrights.

    Nah, I don’t expect it to happen, but I can wish.

    And anything that makes Murdoch look bad is welcome to all the free publicity it can get. Mind if I link from my blog to this post?

  3. Hi there, yes of course you can link my story, no need to ask first. Actually I have now heard from the Times and come to an arrangement with them … but …. they told me the Sun used the picture too aaaaaaaargh

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