Sometimes a project is just meant to be.

Reading Knitting Rules made me want to knit a shawl but I had to face facts, I’m not much of a shawl person. I can’t wear them elegantly, I just look like I’m on my way to a mine disaster.

But …. knitting Jeanie for mum has made me fell like I’d like to knit myself a shawl. Maybe the problem is with squares and triangles and perhaps a rectangular shawl would work?

Then … on the train I saw two different women (different shapes and sizes) wearing rectangular wraps and looking cosy and just right for spring.

And then … I got a copy of Folk Shawls and, while many of them are beautiful, fell especially in love with the North Sea Shawl. It calls for grafting which until 2 weeks ago would have made me run away from the pattern. But thanks to lovely knitting friends at COmplete Knitters and Theresa on knitty, I can graft. It’s scarey but I like it and no longer run away from it (not if it’s stocking stitch grafting at least).

And then …. I was browsing Violet Green’s latest colours. Honestly I was just looking but then I met this yarn in most gorgeious greyish blueish greenish exactly the colours of the North Sea off the east cost of Scotland shades.

Three skeins arrived this morning and I have cast on my shawl. It is meant to be.


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