Adipose: not for sale

Some complete [&!(*&#%^@/ is offering Mazzmatazz’s most excellent Adipose knitting pattern for sale on ebay!  They’ve even used her photo in their listing.  If you’re looking for a knitting pattern for an Adipose baby (and judging by the blog stats lots of you are), go to Mazz’s site and get it for free.  Don’t pay money to this rip-off artist trying to cash in on someone else’s work.


4 responses to “Adipose: not for sale

  1. I did visit her site and pattern is gone… I wish I do have that pattern.

    Also I just found out that (BBC) already put plush out for sale which cost about 30 dollars. Crazy.

  2. I don’t suppose you would happen to have a copy?
    My godmother has really been wanting one, and I didn’t get to the pattern on time. Kinda been waiting for it to resurface.

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