what could be cuter than an Adipose baby?

Two Adipose babies, of course.

knitted Adipose & crocheted Adipose

Adipose knitting pattern by Mazzmatazz ; Adipose crochet pattern by me

Son wants a multitude of Adipose and I wanted to try and knit one in addition to the crochet one. I was going to try and invent it myself but then Mazzmatazz published her most excellent pattern. I really enjoyed making this, the construction is very clever (much better than my basic crochet effort). I particularly love the way the fingers and toes are made. Mazz has other Dr Who knitting patterns available, I think I’ll have to make an Oood and the Face of Boe soon. What with Dr Who characters and socks, son is beginning to see the point of all this knitting.

Added 30th April 08: unfortunately Mazz’s Dr Who patterns are not currently available


3 responses to “what could be cuter than an Adipose baby?

  1. That’s amazing =D

  2. I’m told that if you stare at the knitted Face of Boe long enough you recognize Jack. I’ve never accomplished this, but some have.

    I bless you for the crochet pattern. (nerve problems keep me from full use of my right hand so all I can do these days is crochet.) And I WANT a baby Adipose! (So do a few of my friends. I think this is going to become a movement…)

  3. Genius, just genius!

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