So I have this lovely red sock wool (and it is a glorious red) but keep on dithering about what to make with it. I finally cast it on for Latvian socks and did the rib (alternative to picot edging given) and three pattern repeats while travelleing yesterday. Lovely pattern but somehow it didn’t ‘feel’ right, don’t ask me why. Maybe because I couldn’t work out what lenghth the finished sock is intended to be and so couldn’t work out if I was making it big enough to fit me while snug enough to stay up (an on-going problem with my tree trunks). Maybe also I’m more into cables than lace at the moment? I’m so fickle, last month I was all about teh lace. And I did love the waving lace socks I’ve made as a gift. So maybe this red wool will be Waving Lace socks? Or more likely Chalet Socks. I must stop oggling sock patterns on ravelry and just get on and make the bloody socks.


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