just keep knitting …

I now have 50 cms of Jeanie knitted
jeanie progress
I am enjoying the pattern, the twisted stitches and the cables (I :heart: cables) and the effect of the dropped stitches, but it is taking so loooong. It’s fine yarn, all ribbing and there’s lots of it. It’s already getting heavy, with less than a third completed. It is going to be beautiful when it’s finished, I just hope the recipient likes it. I have 6 more weeks to finish it in. Less than 6 actually, if you factor in blocking time it’s going to need to be finished in 5 weeks.

Because I am a knitter of short attention span I usually have several projects on the go at once, but I fear I will have to be monogamous for the next few weeks. Over Easter weekend I was planning to knit fingerless gloves for Chrissie, during our Lord-of-the-Rings-athon. I have the yarn (from stash – brownie points for me) and chosen a pattern and even done a tension square. But now I’m thinking there’s 10+ hours of potential Jeanie time ….


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