the wizard’s staff*

Lancre Witch’s Stockings all finished, bring on the refreshing beverages made from apples (well, mainly from apples). Lancre Witch's Stockings for me

Pattern: Stockings with Clocks by Nancy Bush (from Folk Socks)
Pattern mods: to accommodate my more traditionally-built calves I cast on 96 stitches instead of the 88 given in the pattern; at the top of the socks I knit a long stretch of k2 p2 rib and I omitted the ‘seam’ at the back. I added too many stitches and the finished socks are a bit loose, fortunately I can turn over the long rib tops to accommodate garters.
Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Feelings 1071

* I’m not yet sufficiently Oggish to tell you what the wizard’s staff has on the end, go look for yourself if you must


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