the best things in life are ….

…. free sock yarn!
red sock yarn from VG
Lovely Jane at Violet Green has send me a sample of a new base yarn she is experimenting with. It feels lovely and soft, and is a gorgeous deep red (deeper red than the photo shows). as soon as I have the Lancre Witch’s Stockings finished (shouldn’t be long, am just about to turn 2nd heel) I’ll cast on some lace socks with it, possible the Latvian Stockings from Folk Socks.

Progress on Jeanie has speeded up as I’ve got more familiar with the pattern, and I can now see the pattern starting to develop. I may even get it finished in time (which I wasn’t sure I would at the start when it felt a bit of a slog).
Jeanie progress

And, having decided to hibernate the crocheted ballet-wrap thingmy (not going to get it done for Saturday), I’m about to cast on my Pratchgan Square. The Ankh-Morpork Guild of Knitters, Crocheters and Allied Craftspersons (not affiliated to the Seamstresses’ Guild) is making squares for a blanket for Terry Pratchet. I came late to the project but have received The Call to fill in for someone else. As there isn’t much time I am not going to try and do a picture. Am going to do a lilac coloured square incorporating the lilac stitch from Perdita, in honour of the Glorious 25th of May.

And finally, just because I don’t think I ever posted it here, my I’m fed up of having cold ears and I don’t care if looks silly earflap hat, which I made one Saturday night in February from some venerable Colinette point 5 which has been in my stash for 15+ years. I was very glad of this hat watching son play rugby on the moors above Rochdale yesterday morning.
the 'I'm fed up of having cold ears and I don't care if looks silly' earflap hat


4 responses to “the best things in life are ….

  1. Pretty yarns! The sock yarn looks beautiful. Also, the ear flap hat looks toasty and I like the colorway, esecially for a hat.

  2. Oh, it’s not important what other people think…it’s important how warm those ears are! I think the colors on that hat are gorgeous. Well done!
    Your square pattern is fabulous also! 🙂

  3. thank you both, yes the earflap hat is lovely and warm when the bitter wind blows and I know it’s not important what people think (but I can’t help knowing what my DearMother would say if she saw me in it! our tastes are somewhat different lol)

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