S’funny how you get used to things so quickly. Before I started sock knitting, I never used yarn thinner than DK1 or needles smaller than 3.25 mm. 2.5 mm dpns felt so tiny and 2.25 mm bamboos were like toothpicks, who could knit with them? But now I am starting on Jeanie on 4mm metal needles, it feels weird to be working with these great long metal sticks. ‘Real’ needles are cold and heavy after little bamboo sock needles.

Jeanie is slow going, so far. I got the Smooshy for it in Gothic Rose, it looks just mum’s kind of colour
Dream in Color Smooshy 340 Gothic Rose
First I had to learn provisional cast on. This is good, learning a new technique is always A Good Thing, but it does slow one down. Then it took me a few goes to get the set up row right (always the trickiest bit of cable knitting). And there are 3 charts to follow. Charts are something else that was new to me, until recently I’d only ever used them for colour knitting. So it is slow going but at least it is going, and I have 2 months to finish it in. Slight cloud on horizon – provisional cast on indicates grafting later. I cannot graft. Can. Not. Do. It. I’ve tried. Tried and tried and tried. I think the problem is that I knit right-handed but sew left-handed. Oh well I can have another go and learning and if that fails, improvise (aka bodge).

1. Brit-knitter’s DK = sport weight / CYCA 3


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