aargh, I cracked

you know how I said I wasn’t buying more yarn … ummm …. somehow this is what arrived in the post this morning

oops more sock yarn

It’s son’s fault. He said he wanted his next socks to be green. I denied having any green wool. He pointed to the stash, still on display in broad daylight
Violet Green Socrates Merino 4-ply SolentViolet Green Socrates Merino 4-ply  AppleViolet Green Stroud Supersock Ebb
Ah. Sorry son, much as I love you, no 8 year old is getting socks made from my Violet Green merino. So I had to go and get him some green sock yarn of his own, and somehow some more merino fell into my virtual shopping basket. Oh and I got some more St Ives sock yarn from ebay, complete bargain so couldn’t resist. Is good yarn for men’s socks, particularly ones who refuse to countenance colour or stripes in their socks. 2 balls is not enough for dad-socks but will be for partner-socks.


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