cue “The Hedgehog Song”

Lancre Witch's Stockings
I’ve had this lovely stripy yarn for ages, always meaning to make knee socks so now I am finally getting around to it. They started as Stockings with Clocks by Nancy Bush (from Folk Socks) but I have changed the top to a basic k2 p2 (as I want them to stay up) and am omitting the seam stitch at the back as I want a ‘mindless’ knit (something to knit while reading). I think I will still do the clocks on the lower leg, tho.

Inspired by joining the Ankh-Morpork Knitters’ Guild on ravelry (motto: favete linguis, ego numero1), I’ve been re-reading the Discworld Witches books. I might wish it otherwise but I am really more of a Nanny Ogg than a Granny Weatherwax, so I’d better get on and learn the song lyrics I’ll be needing for drinking scumble in me new stockings.

1. shut up, I’m counting


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