although he doesn’t deserve it

red cabled socks for Rob red cabled socks detail

not after what he did to the last pair I made him, I have finished Rob’s new socks. I was half way through the second sock when the Shrinking Incident happened, so I finished them. I started them just after Christmas so they have gone quite slowly. Partly because I had to get my Dad’s socks done, but also partly I think I didn’t enjoy working with this yarn so much. It is lovely and soft and will probably feel great to wear, but it was a little on the slippy side to knit with. Not saying I wouldn’t use it again, just saying it’s not my favourite solid colour sock yarn.

Pattern: a basic sock pattern with small cables on the sides (C4F/C4B) and yes I was sad enough to care that the cables were ‘right’ on each sock ie each sock a mirror of the other

Yarn: Zitron Trekking Pro Natura in Soft Red


2 responses to “although he doesn’t deserve it

  1. I love your “mug cozy” (I’m a beginninger, so this is just my size). Is Rob your husband? My husband is Rob!!! Now, how many needles do you use to make socks (right now that’s too hard for me), I really want to make leg warmers.

  2. well we’re not married by but yes he’s pretty much my husband (life partner, father of my child and such). I usually make my socks with 4 needles (3 holding the work and knitting onto the 4th) tho sometimes with 5 if the pattern calls for it. Once I’d got the hang of joining in the round, I found socks quite easy (and quite addictive!). Of course if you want to do leg warmers you can use 1 circular needle (no heel to turn). There are some great sock knitting tutorials out there that I used to learn from:
    Royea’s Socks 101
    Silver’s sock tutorial
    Socks 101 on

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