confession is good for the soul

Our bed collapsed last night. This has forced my stash out from the darkness under the bed into the cold light of day. Also it means my other half has seen all of my stash in one place for the first time. Ooops. He didn’t say anything, but I’m not sure what he’s thinking … Anyway I am going the put the eyelash yarn (wtf was I thinking?) up for offer on the UK yarn karma swap group on lovely ravelry. I love the karma swaps, new yarn for free hurah.


2 responses to “confession is good for the soul

  1. I love that all your containers are color-coordinated! It makes the whole thing look very organized. Doesn’t look too big to me 😉

  2. you have to understand that I am new to stashing! Until about a year ago I had no stash, just a couple of bags of old wool/UFOs from my last knitting spree 7+ years ago. Now I have stash proper, featuring an insane (to a non-knitter) amount of sock yarn. Although I now regard knitting in public as a normal every day activity, I still haven’t quite learned to look on yarn as I look on books ie a necessity of life, whatever others may say. I don’t think it will be long, tho. The co-ordinating boxes is just becausee I’ve bought them gradually as my stash has grown, and they are mainly all the same brand

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