my credit card’s last hurrah

I got two yarn deliveries this morning, cashmerino & needles from Get Knitted and St Ives sock yarn from Texere (the extra balls I need – I had 2 balls of each of 3 colours but the yardage is short so better get another of each to be on the safe side – plus 3 balls of an additional colour, as the postage is the same for 3 balls or 6). I am now on a yarn diet, and so this will be the last sock yarn I buy for a long long time. I have plenty of it now, enough to meet any requirements (bright coloured, striped, variegated, plain, cotton, self-patterning, 4ply, dk). The cashmerino is for the ’emergency presents’ box, in case I need to knock up a scarf in a hurry. I might need to buy some non-sock yarn (for pink shrug a small girl wants) but I will check my stash before buying more. I can do this, I can I can I can. Heh.


One response to “my credit card’s last hurrah

  1. Oh yummy! I want your yarn!! Doesn’t it just make you so happy to get nice yarn in the mail? Enjoy!

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