knitting penicillin

A test piece for my ‘heterocyclic hat’ project. This is the first time I’ve tried making my own colour chart so I’m quite pleased with the way it has come out. There are a couple of mistakes in the benzene ring bonds (my error in the knitting up not the charting) and I will use a brighter green for the methyl groups. The complete hat will incorporate 4 heterocyclic molecules (penicillin, caffeine, serotonin, theobromine) and if it all works out I’ll share the pattern for everyone who’s ever wanted to knit chemicals (and who hasn’t?).

Further work on this will have to be on hold for a couple of weeks tho while I do some birthday knitting – I really want to press on with the hat but I need to make socks for someone whose birthday is before the hat-recipient’s birthday.


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