mug cosy pattern

mug cosy for Ethel

Designed for a large mug, knitted in aran (worsted) weight wool. Some knitting in the round involved. This is the first pattern I’ve ever written/shared, so please do let me know how you find it (particularly if there are any mistakes!). Click the link below the picture to download (note: as of 21st January this pattern is hosted at wordpress)

14 responses to “mug cosy pattern

  1. That’s so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you both 🙂

  3. how does it work, I signed up at 4shared, how can I now download the pattern?

  4. Hi Morgan, follow the link and scroll down the page, you will see a link to download file (I have put a picture up – click here – as it’s not too obvious). Email me if you’re still having problems and I will send it to you. I think I might switch to using wordpress’s free storage instead of 4shared.

  5. it worked! thanks for the explanation (now I can make this for my husband for valentine)

  6. A mug cozy? Do you remove it when you drink from the mug? Do you have to wash it after every use?

  7. THat is incredibly cute! And what a great idea!
    My tea’s always getting cold, due to the lack of a third hand. This should keep it warm a tad longer till I can get around to drinking it.


  8. @ Gretchen & Carol – thanks 🙂 I love knitting cables

    @ Kathleen – the idea is you leave it on the mug when you’re drinking (I know it comes right to the top of the mug in the picture but it was made for a mug with more space between handle and rim. As for washing, well I don’t know how often you’d wash it (I don’t actually have one myself! this was made for a friend who lives in a cold house and is rather forgetful about where she’s left her tea)

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  10. What an adorable mug cozy. You know I have never figured out if its cosy? or cozy? Whatever the case, the color is beautiful.

  11. thnx for sharing i love it

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